Privacy Policy

We are glad that you have visited our homepage. We provide the best possible protection for your personal data. Personal data are defined as individual information about personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes information such as the person’s legally registered name, address, telephone number and date of birth.

Person responsible:

Haverkamp Patentanwälte
Gartenstraße 61
58636 Iserlohn, Germany

In general, we collect and use the personal data of our users only as necessary to provide a functioning website, as well as to provide any of our content and services.

The processing of personal data in the context of a specific commission or on the basis of a contract to which the data subject is a contracting party, is based on Article 6 (1) b of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the legal basis. Article 6 (1) c GDPR serves as the legal basis for processing of personal data to fulfill a legal obligation to which the controller is subject.

The personal data of the person concerned will be erased once the purpose of processing or storage no longer exists. Data will also be erased if the stipulated storage period expires as a result of the aforementioned norms/regulations, unless further storage of the data is necessary for the purpose of agreeing to or performing under a contract.

Our website can be used without providing personal data. Our internet provider may collect data and information from a computer, which accesses this website on behalf of a user – for example information about the browser, the user’s operating system, the user’s internet service provider, the user’s IP address, the date and time of access, websites from which the user’s system accesses our website, and about websites called up by the user’s system via our website. These log files contain IP addresses or other data that could enable an assignment to a user.

The legal basis for the temporary storage of the data and the log files is Article 6 (1) f GDPR. The temporary storage of the IP address by the system is necessary to render possible the delivery of the website to the user’s computer. This data is not evaluated or stored by us.

If we process personal data about you, you are a Data Subject within the meaning of the GDPR. You therefore have rights vis-à-vis the controller to information and disclosure (Art. 15 GDPR) and, if applicable, to rectification (Art. 16 GDPR), deletion, objection, or revocation of consent (Art. 17, 18 and 21 GDPR). Furthermore, there is a right of appeal to the competent supervisory authority. If you place an order on the basis of which we collect, process and/or store your data, we will inform you in detail about your rights as a Data Subject.

However, we would like to point out that data transmission via internet (e.g., email communication) may be subject to security vulnerabilities. Complete protection of personal data against unauthorized access by third parties is not possible.